Chilifest 2014: Whiskey Myers

In continuing to get everyone better acquainted with Chilifest 2014 artists, I’ll be updating regularly with tid bits and videos from and about the artists performing.

Today’s update brings us to the boys of Whiskey Myers. Their 2011 albumĀ Firewater was nothing short of an amazing piece of work that actually took my a couple of listens to get. The first time I put it on, I was expecting your basic Texas/Red Dirt record. Something more a kin to Cross Canadian Ragweed or Reckless Kelly. A few songs in I just had to stop. I was in the completely wrong mindset to really get what they were doing. Giving it another listen, I get more in the frame of mind of some great 70’s southern rock. Skynyrd, Marshall Tucker Band, and the like. Wow, that completely changed what I was listening to! Whiskey Myers wasn’t trying to sound like these guys, they sounded similar because that’s who these guys were.

Fast forward to February 2014 for their latest project Early Morning Shakes and the band continued to show who they are and do the music they wanted to do. They wouldn’t follow into a trap of being pigeon holed and not do things that are different. This new album is more on the rock side of things, but still has a southern sound that Whiskey Myers has perfected for themselves over the years.

They are without a shadow of a doubt in my top 3 favorite live shows to see. The guys exude cool from the stage and you can tell that they are just having a blast jamming for the fans, and for themselves.

Whiskey Myers will be headlining the Friday night show of Chilifest and maybe if you were on the fence about getting you a Chilifest team together before this Friday, hopefully these words, and giving them a listen will change your mind a little bit.

Chilifest team sign-up is coming up THIS FRIDAY! Being on a chili team is the only way to get in on the great music on Friday night. I’ve got to tell ya that these Friday night bands don’t always get a lot of pub and might not be festival headliners just yet, but they will be sooner rather than later. Get in on the ground floor of their fandom!

Come hang out with myself and the Candy 95 crew 8A-11A as we’ll be live at Callaway Villas for team sign up and some stuff to give away!