Don’t be a skeptic!

One of my favorite shows is How I Met Your Mother. I often feel a kinship with Marshall from the show.

  1. We both fell in love with and married hot redheads.
  2. We have a respect for the truth. He’s a lawyer and I don’t like BS.
  3. We both believe in things others don’t!

Marshall has an affinity for always defending “supernatural” creatures to the group. I found myself doing much the same this morning about chupacabras and bigfoot.

Frito is a skeptic. He doesn’t believe in either one. Katy and I took it upon ourselves to find as much evidence as we could online to try to sway him. I don’t think it really worked, but I will say this, after seeing some of the pictures we found, I’m more convinced than ever! What about you? Do you believe that strange “mythical” creatures live among us, or do you choose to bury your head in the sand and deny the inevitable!?

chupacabra_37__23974.1325900879.1280.1280 (1)


Be a believer!