Friday, #yessir!

Man, it’s been a long two weeks! I’m so glad to be part of the Candy 95 family and had an amazing time hanging with Frito and Katy for Morning Candy, but between us, I’ll be glad to sleep in past 5!¬†This was my last day with them because Monday March 3rd, I’ll be taking over Candy nights.

Today was also the day for Chilifest team sing-ups. When I pulled into Callaway Villas, there were about 500 people waiting in line, many of whom camped out overnight to make sure their team got a prime spot. Candy 95 never passes on an opportunity to party, so we showed up with some free goodies for the folks!

IMG_20140228_080012All the team captains headed upstairs to get signed up and one of the first things they see is something that I wanted to run off with and throw in my truck!

IMG_20140228_101015Yes, a Chilifest Yeti! That thing would look sweet sitting in my truck next to a carseat and Winnie the Pooh teddy bear my son leaves in my truck, right??

In the middle of the live broadcast, the new¬†#Selfie song comes on and I was requested to take a selfie for the Chilifest sign up, so…

IMG_20140228_095313Yeah, so I guess I’m now a weird selfie guy. But I did capture that logo and hat like a champ right?

So there’s the first half of my Friday. Got an interview with Whiskey Myers coming up later this afternoon and their show tonight. Busy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way!

Don’t forget to join me starting Monday at 6P as I’ve got some great stuff lined up!