Chilifest Spotlight: William Clark Green



I know that Will is on the Friday night show which is exclusive to chili teams, but I couldn’t do all of these Spotlights and not throw him some love. Will is the guy to be on the lookout for in the world of Texas/Red Dirt music. His 2013 CD Rose Queen was my absolute favorite of all the Texas/ Red Dirt/Americana albums that came out last year, and there were a lot of good ones! Check out my full list of the Best of 2013 HERE.

Okay, back to Will. He’s got a raspy voice that you don’t hear much anymore. His songs have the tendency to be a little darker and more raw than others. He is truly one of a kind. Like most artists I enjoy, he can crank up a party tune, then slow it down with a heartfelt/ thinking song. About 3 years ago, I predicted that Cody Johnson would be one of the next big headliners in Texas. I’m going to tell you now that William Clark Green is also rising up that list pretty quick! Don’t be surprise if you see him on a Chilifest Saturday in the next few years.

Here’s a song that really got Will’s name out there a few years ago on the Texas/Red Dirt scene, “Caroline”:

For an inside look at his album Rose Queen check this video out:

Here’s Will’s big hit off of his latest album “She Likes The Beatles.” It was co-written by Brian Keane who is also a heck of a singer/songwriter/performer!

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