Happy Spring Break!

Ah, the end to a long week! It’s been a great first week doing nights on Candy. Appreciate all the calls, texts, tweets, etc. that have come in since Monday.

I know most folks are getting out of town for Spring Break good times. Whatever you do, be safe while you’re having fun alright? Figure I’d give you a playlist of songs to plug into your iPod as your driving wherever you’re going. Let’s kick it off with the Chilifest 2014 must-listen-to-Spring-Break-Party songs!

  • Randy Rogers Band “Fuzzy” – It’s basically a Texas country version of the movieĀ The Hangover. Let’s be honest, we’ve all been there.
  • Turnpike Troubadours “Before The Devil Knows We’re Dead” – I think it might just be best to give this one a listen instead of me spell it out for you.
  • Roger Creager “Crazy Again” – Alright, this one is more suited for me, but no matter how old I get, I can always get a little crazy again!
  • Cody Johnson “Dance Her Home” – When you’re out partying at the beach, we all know you’ll be looking for that girl that you can “dance home” if ya know what I mean!
  • Whiskey Myers “Anna Marie” – One of the coolest and catchiest beats from these Southern Rockers!
  • Band of Heathens “What’s This World” – Very eclectic band. This might be one of the least downright party songs, but it’s just so darn good.
  • JB & The Moonshine Band “Sticker Peck Out” – What’s Spring Break without a little innuendo?!
  • William Clark Green “It’s About Time” – This is perfect for the person who just got dumped. It’s about time you get out there and have some fun.
  • The Damn Quails “So So Long” – Another very eclectic band. These guys are so versatile and this song is great to roll the windows down to.

Yes, I know I left the Docs and Hank Jr. off. Honestly, I don’t know much of the Docs music and Hank Jr. has way too many songs that are great for partying, if I named just one, I’d be doing him an injustice.

Some other songs for you to throw on your playlist while you’re cruising Crystal Beach, making a trek down to Padre, or just sitting in the backyard:

  • Pitbull w/Kesha “Timber”
  • Sage The Gemini “Gas Pedal”
  • Eminem “Rap God”
  • Tiesto “Red Lights”
  • Arctic Monkeys “Do I Wanna Know”

So there ya go. Hopefully that’ll get ya down the road and having some fun for Spring Break!