Chilifest Artist of the Day: Randy Rogers Band

The Randy Rogers Band has done just about everything there is to do in country music. They’ve played big time shows with some of the biggest names in the industry. Been nominated for major awards. Done a live CD at the legendary Billy Bob’s Texas. Not to mention gain respect from fans and other musicians alike.

It’s great to see how Randy and the band continue to reach new fans while staying true to who they are. They are the same great group of guys they’ve always been. They’ve got a definite old school approach to the way they do things which is why I think they’ve been able to bridge fans for almost 15 years.

Speaking of old school, how about this picture from my very first Chilifest in 2008 with Mr. Rogers!

Drake RRB

When you go to a RRB show, you’re gonna hear some of the most well-written songs with a lot of great emotion behind them.

For a great song with emotion, let’s go back to a song that Randy had on the radio at the same time we took that picture, check out “One More Goodbye”:

I know what you might be thinking, “Drake, emotion is all well and good, but this is CHILIFEST MAN! We want something to party to! Something to sing along to and drink beer to!”

Well my friends, don’t worry, RRB has ya covered there too!

Here’s hoping to a great weekend for everyone! If you do get a little FUZZY, I implore you to be smart about it. Get a designated driver, take the shuttle, call a cab. Please, please, please don’t put yourself an others at risk by driving drunk.