Chilifest Artist of the Day: Roger Creager

Jack Ingram In Concert - San Antonio, TXFightin’ Texas Aggie Roger Creager will be hitting the Chilifest stage at 1:20 on Saturday. That gives him just enough time to go hang out with the other Ags that will be in attendance and feeling the energy of Cody Johnson on stage in front of him.

One of my favorite memories of seeing Roger was way back when I first got into radio and took my dad to one of his shows at a festival down in Beaumont. It was the last show my dad was ever able to see and what made it really cool was Roger brought his dad, Bill Creager, on stage to sing with him! Fans throughout the state have been lucky enough to see Roger bring Bill on to sing “Rancho Grande” for many years now and it is an awesome experience every single time!

Roger’s show is one I would just call unpredictable. One minute his strumming his guitar, the next he might be trying to crowd surf. In addition to his guitar he’ll also pull out a trombone for a song or two and even beat on the washboard! He has a liveliness and presence on stage that can’t be taught.

His song “Crazy Again” tells you flat out that he’s a little older now, but he’s not afraid to cut loose when he needs to!

A few years ago I had a chance to get another side of the “Crazy Again” story:

Hope to see everyone out for Chilifest where we can all get a little crazy together!

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