Now this is a remix!

Remixes are all the rage. There’s always a new remix of some song coming out. Some are more dance oriented, some are mixed with other songs, or some even slowed down.

Here’s a type of remix that just kinda blows my mind though. Former Beatles band mates John Lennon and Paul McCartney with two of their solo projects mashed together and it sounds amazing! This is what that happens when the music of Lennon’s “Imagine” is sped way up and the vocals of McCartney’s “Band on the Run” is slowed down just a bit…

That’s awesome!

If you’ve never heard those songs, you should watch them now. In my opinion, they are two of the greatest songs of all time!

John Lennon “Imagine”

Paul McCartney & Wings “Band On The Run”

Yeah, both of those songs are old, but they are timeless!