Battle of the Meet & Greets

I’ve had my fair share of meet & greets with a wide variety of musical acts. Some of them, you’re never quite sure how it’s going to go. Some are very cool and laid back, others are like a factory line. Say hello, shake hand, snap picture, goodbye. I’m not saying there is one right way to go about doing meet and greets for fans, but I will say one of the following artists fans are getting more bang for their buck! Click on the link to see various meet and greet photos from their respective fans.


I don’t think it’s a far stretch to say that Rihanna is currently a MUCH bigger star than Avril is.¬†Avril looks like she could even care less to even be in those pictures. Props to RiRi for making some amazing memories for her fans! I guess when you have Chad Kroeger touching you on a nightly basis, anything else just doesn’t do?

How would you feel if you paid $400 to meet with Avril and you don’t even get a half-@$$ hug? I’d feel a little jipped, but that may just be me.