Happy Belated Star Wars Day!

I spent my Sunday doing exactly what I should have been doing, watching Star Wars! Yes, it was Star Wars Day! May the 4th be with you, May the force be with you, get it?!

Okay, you probably got it. I really wish I would’ve seen this before yesterday, because it is just hilarious to me!

CollegeHumor did a video of different people auditioning to be the new band in the Creature Cantina . . . the bar where Luke and Obi Wan hire Han Solo. Chris Daughtry auditions in full Darth Maul make-up . . . Ben Folds auditions as a Storm Trooper, followed by Liz Phair, Reggie Watts, Mark McGrath, Jordin Sparks, Rick Springfield, Weird Al, and Lisa Loeb.

With Disney owning Star Wars now, something like this isn’t too far out of the realm of possibility for the next edition! The main cast walks into a cantina and all of a sudden, there’s Mark McGrath singing “Someday” with the cantina band!