Maxim Hot 100 Preview

“Maxim” magazine will release its annual Hot 100 list on June 3rd.  But yesterday, they revealed several of the ladies who made it.  Here they are, with their respective places on the list:

  • 11.  Rihanna
  • 15.  Christina Aguilera
  • 19.  Selena Gomez
  • 21.  Beyoncé
  • 25.  Miley Cyrus
  • 28.  Vanessa Hudgens
  • 33.  Ashley Tisdale
  • 34.  Alyssa Milano
  • 38.  Shakira
  • 40.  Demi Lovato
  • 46.  Kellie Pickler
  • 48.  Paula Patton
  • 56.  Carrie Underwood
  • 69.  Danielle Fishel
  • 70.  Kacey Musgraves
  • 73.  Rita Ora
  • 82.  Lana Del Rey
  • 86.  Victoria Justice
  • 96.  Iggy Azalea

As usual, some names I thought would be higher aren’t and some names that are higher up I think are too high. For instance, Kacey Musgraves should be a lot higher. Obviously I’m biased due to my musical preferences, but man she’s hot! Maybe before summer hits, I’ll do Drake’s Hot 15 or something? Mine will be really different. Most of the women I find drop dead gorgeous are more girl next door types.

As for this list, one name I notice isn’t previewed is Katy Perry. I’m going to say she’s in the Top 5. What do you think?