Game of Thrones New Orleans style!

Just what Game of Thrones needed, a JAZZ RENDITION of their theme song!

WHAT?! ha, I love this! I love a good jazz band from time to time and throwing in some Game of Thrones music is just greatness!

Thinking about hanging out with the characters of GoT at Mardi Gras isn’t as fun though. Really the only ones I’d wanna go party with is Tyrion and Bronn. Most everyone else would be too moody, broody, or whiny to take to New Orleans for a week of debauchery. That’s why Tyrion and Bronn are the only ones that make sense! Most of Tyrions life has been like Mardi Gras anyway and Bronn can not only cut back and have a great time, but be the resident butt kicker if need be!