ABC’s Dinosaurs Reportedly Coming to Disney+ This Fall

Comicbook – The Sinclairs — and one of the most terrifying children show’s finales ever concocted — might be coming to Disney+ later this year. On a recent taping of ABC’s Don’t, Ryan Reynolds made a surprise announcement that Dinosaurs would be hitting the House of Mouse’s streaming service at some point later this fall. Though the moment could be chalked up to Reynolds being his goofy self, he happens to be both a producer and host for the show on which he made the statement. Conveniently enough, Dinosaurs had previously made its home on the Disney-owned Hulu before it was removed earlier this year. During its original run, the series aired on ABC, another Disney-owned entity. See the trend here?

There’s yet to be an official announcement from the service itself.

The series, created by Michael Jacobs and Bob Young for Jim Henson Productions, first premiered in 1991. It went on to last four seasons totaling 65 episodes, including a bizarre finale in which the star family was left to die in the Ice Age. Similar to The Flinstones, Dinosaurs featured a blue-collar family just trying to find their way through life. Led by patriarch Earl (Stuart Pankin), other members of the family include Fran (Jessica Walter), Robbie (Jason Willinger) Fiona (Sally Struthers), and the most popular of them all – Baby Sinclair (Kevin Clash).

Even 30 years after it debuted, the series carries a near-perfect 96-percent Fresh rating on Rotten Tomatoes. “Dinosaurs marries astonishingly expressive puppetry with a genuinely funny satire of social norms, making for a forward-thinking prehistoric sitcom,” the review-aggregating site reads. After a popular outing for critics, the series went on to win one Emmy Award in 1991. Getting two nominations at the annual gala, John C. Mula, Brian Savegar, and Kevin Pfeiffer won for Outstanding Art Direction for a Series.