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Samberg and Timberlake Add Some Gaga to the mix!

Video here: –> Golden Rule I love Andy Samberg’s digital shorts more than anyone I know! J. Timberlake definately adds more comedy. But when you add another superstar like Lady Gaga to the mix of comedy madness the only thing you get is the “Golden Rule.” Watch Samberg, Timberlake and Gaga engage in a threeway!

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JB and Chris Breezy Setting The Stage on FIRE!!

[youtube]_U0UaRYXwBQ[/youtube] Look at them now! Chris Brown joins Justin Bieber on stage to perform “Look at Me Now”

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Mariah and Nick Bring Home Twins!!

Nick Cannon and Mariah Carey are proud parents of a set of boy and girl twins. get the scoop!,,20468012,00.html

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Celebrity Scramble Face!

I was consumed by this for at least a half hour. Some are obvious and some are hard. Way to go TMZ!

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As you guys know, I love good covers of popular songs. I love them even more when another band or singer does a cover of a song. Check out this cover of “Born This Way” sung by Katy Perry. Also, this cute little girl did a cover of BTW also. She is so talented! [youtube]iph5Aq-4-4k[/youtube] […]