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I’m not a Drag Queen… I just like a good pair of heels!

It’s the final night for me on the Night Rush! I love you BCS! Thanks for letting me be part of your life! You’ve been a HUGE part of mine. It’s been truly amazing to have lived in this wonderful community for the last year and a half. Thank you for your emails too. One […]

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VIDEO: “When I Was Your Man”… Or Small Child

Best Rendition Ever!

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VIDEO: Kanye West Walks Into a Bar…

Kanye, LOOK UP!!

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VIDEO: Texas Student Explodes On His Teacher!

  Jeff Bliss, A.K.A. “Scorpion”, gave his teacher a peace of his mind in Duncanville, TX. He will not be┬áreprimanded but the teacher┬áhas been placed on administrative leave pending an investigation. Scorpion Rules!!

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Don’t Say a Word!

When you start dating someone, we all tend to hide a few things; So we don’t end up scaring away the person we’re trying to start a relationship with. What do you HIDE from the other person when you first start dating them?? Some listener’s responses: Jim said he’s a closeted Miley Cyrus fan. Particularly […]