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Hottest Female Sportscasters*

So I had an epic argument with some people about weather or not women like sports. I think not only do a lot of them love sports but a lot of them are pretty hot doing it. To prove it here are some of the hottest broadcasters of sports. Enjoy!   Michelle Beadle (co-host SportsNation) […]

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Its high times in this latest installment of True Blood. Eric continues his amnesia while being a punk…I mean nice guy for Sookie. It’s something the ladies to appreciate but you have to admit that this new change is a bit far. Let’s hope this spell cast by Marnie does not carry on much longer. […]

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New Spiderman Trailer

If youre a fan of the game “Mirror’s Edge”, you’ll love the camerawork! [youtube]_XayxMPrUP4[/youtube]

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Britteny Spears Entices Kenny Britt

Britteny Spears got a little up close and personal with a WR from my favorite NFL Team ( Kenny Britt of the Tennessee Titans) during a concert in New Jersey. Kenny is handcuffed which is ironic given his long rap sheet. Pics follow below!     -Lane

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True Blood take over Comic Con

  Comic Con is in full swing and True Blood was a major part of the festivities. Check it out below! Mysteries of True Blood Revealed at Comic-Con By Steve Marzolf Ever since Bon Temps fangbangers started winding up dead in Season 1 of ‘True Blood,’ the story has been rocketed forward by a string of […]