Being Around Humans Is Making Dogs Stupid

Most people either think their dog is a genius or a slobbering moron.  And it looks like the people in that second group might be right.

According to a new study, dogs might be getting dumber and dumber . . . all because they’ve been hanging out with PEOPLE too much.

Researchers at Oregon State University set up an experiment where dogs had two minutes to solve a puzzle.  They put a sausage in a clear box, and the dogs had to grab a piece of rope attached to the lid to open it.

They tried it with 20 dogs, and only ONE of them managed to do it.  Most of them didn’t even try, and just sat there waiting for a human to help them.  But when they tried it with ten WOLVES, eight of them were able to do it.

The researchers think it’s because dogs have had humans helping them for so long, they’ve lost a lot of their problem-solving skills.  But wolves still have to be able to solve problems like that in order to survive.

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