Cardi B Will Not Be Touring With Bruno Mars

   Cardi B  announced on Twitter she will not be hoping on Tour anytime soon .

C.B was supposed to be linking up with Bruno Mars this September in Denver . Back when Cardi said she WOULD BE joining Bruno on tour there was some speculation as to if she would feel the same way after she had given birth .  In her tweet she tells how she has spoken with a doctor about taking her daughter Kulture on the road.  This doctor explained to her, ” It’s not healthy for her to be on the road “. That seems to have been ultimately the deciding factor for Cardi, who is just all about being a Mom and doing whats best for her baby right now. Bruno Mars replied via Twitter to Cardi supporting her decision . He even says that they will incorporate “Bodak Yellow” each night of the tour in her Honor! Bruno and Cardi seem to be maintaining friendly vibes and most likely do something in the future Bruno says “we will share the stage when the time is right “. 🙂👍


At the end of the day they are both still “dripping in finesse”.