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Adidas Insta-Shoe??

For all of us Instagram fanatics, how would you like your favorite Insta-pics on your shoe? Well, it will soon be a reality! Adidas is getting ready to roll out an app that will do just that for you. I’ve got some GREAT pics of Kyle Field that would look pretty sweet on some new […]

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Confidence is key in life!

What’s something that INSTANTLY makes you more confident? For me, I feel more confident with a new haircut, a new pearl snap shirt, and some great tunes! According to a new survey, the top answer for guys was . . . “A SUNNY DAY”.  Followed by a clean shave. For women it’s a new HAIRCUT, […]

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Michelle Wie knows how to party!

So golfer Michelle Wie won her first major, the US Open, this past weekend. She celebrated like most other 24 year olds would. Had some adult beverages and danced! Now some people are looking down on her because those adult beverages were being drank out of her trophy and her dancing was twerking on the […]

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DC finally taking a cue from Marvel?

As a kid, I always dreamt of a movie with Spider-Man and the X-Men battling some villain. Well that dream hasn’t quite come true, but the next best thing has, with Marvel putting out their Avengers movies. For years, Marvel has been on point with their movies. From Iron Man, Thor, and especially the latest […]

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Game of Thrones New Orleans style!

Just what Game of Thrones needed, a JAZZ RENDITION of their theme song! WHAT?! ha, I love this! I love a good jazz band from time to time and throwing in some Game of Thrones music is just greatness! Thinking about hanging out with the characters of GoT at Mardi Gras isn’t as fun though. […]