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CHRISTMAS VIDEO: Muppets & Cee Lo Green – All I Need Is Love

Ohhh Kemit, what a coincidence seeing you here!

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VIDEO: Ke$ha “Die Young”

Please don’t watch this in a holy place.

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Jersey Shore Rebuilding The Shore

This time, The Situation won’t need the relief.

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VIDEO: Pumpkin Tetris!

OMP!! (Oh My Pumpkin) If this doesn’t wrap the Halloween season, I do not know what does. A Fully Functional Tetris Game inside of a Pumpkin. A combination of two of my loves. The ultimate seasonal gourd and my favorite electronic, strategy game.

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Top Signs You’re at a Redneck Halloween Party

If you’re attending a Halloween party in McIntyre, GA (where Honey Boo Boo’s house is located) be aware of the following signs… –Nobody worries about candy rotting their teeth since the meth already did. –So they don’t have to waste money on a costume, everyone comes dressed as a Klansman. –To make sure kids strike […]