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VIDEO: Ohio University Marching Band – “Gangnam Style”

PSY’s Reddit answers are awesome!

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Britney’s Getting Married!! 3rd Time’s a Charm?

1, 2, 3 here come’s Jason and Britney…

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A Friend’s Facebook Post of Empowerment

A friend of mine, Whitney, that I’ve known since High School recently posted a message of strength on facebook that I thought was amazing. She’s been with this abusive, drunk DB of a man for a while now. She ended up marrying him a couple of years back. Plus, they have a child together. It’s a […]

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VIDEO: Shaquille Sings Prince

When Shaqs Cry.

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Let’s Auto-Tune this Debate!

If you watched last night’s presidential debate then you know it got a little tense in some spots. One thing We all can agree on is that Candy Crowley rocks… on the keytar. If you didn’t watch it because you’re tired of hearing about the PRES-BS Then you’re in luck! Here’s the good parts with […]