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MINDBLOWING: “Call Me Maybe” / “Gangnam Style” mash-up?

Yes, you read correctly. The Songstress of the summer meets the K-pop ruler of the fall – Carly Rae Jepsen with PSY. Some dude with soundcloud username: xaeroseven has created this monster. Prepare yourself. I give you, “Call Me Gangnam!” SOURCE

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VIDEO: Honey Boo Boo Child Spoofed on Chelsea Lately

“Yeah baby, you sell that honey. Redneck style!”

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The World’s Fattest Wiener Dog

Meet The World’s Fattest Wiener Dog: Obie is a 70-pound five-year-old dachshund Obie’s new owner is on a mission to get him back to wiener thin. See how you can support Obie’s weight loss: Check out this beautiful fat Wiener

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The Creepiest family Photos

Has anyone ever said to you that “you look an awful lot like your mother/father??” In a new approach to taking family photos, one artist by the name of Ulric Collette is taking this literally! It’s super creepy, yet very interesting. [From] Artist Ulric Collette’s spliced family portraits affirm that it’s not your imagination. Looking […]

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PIC: Rihanna’s new under “humps” ink!

A TOP notch tat.