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VIDEO: Selena Gomez – “Come & Get It”

Super Sultry Selena!


Justin Bieber Attacked Onstage at Dubai Concert

Pays to have the best security biebs-money can buy.

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The Most Epic Butt Workout… EVER!

The Most Mesmerizing Butt Video Of All Time – Watch More Funny Videos

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WATCH: Is Lil Wayne Engaged!?

Wayne may be walking down the aisle soon…

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She’s a Late night TV watcher!

So Hank is living with the GF now, but doesn’t know what to do about her TV watching schedule. What advice can you give him? Here’s his email to me: I moved in with my girlfriend about 3 months ago and she has this habit of watching television all night. ¬†She doesn’t just watch TV, […]