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Saturday Night Live adds 3 new cast members

Let’s just call it a reboot year.

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5 Tips on How to Get Rid of Dating Site Stalkers

[From] When you’re online dating, it doesn’t take long to realize one very important thing: There are some wildly annoying people on the internet. 1. Do not engage the beast. Remember when you were in junior high, and some silly boy in your class used to be a little jerk to you on the […]

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VIDEO: Conan O’Brien’s Water Buffalo Bruise

Kids: Don’t try this at home

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The Cat-Tunnel Sofa

A South Korean designer, Seungji Mun, has developed a new way to keep you comfortable while your cats want to be cats… Ya cat ladies I’m talking to you. See the couch here: Source

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MTV’s One Direction Slow-Mo Promo

How creative, MTV. I imagine this took a lot of brainstorming!