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T-shirt time is over: “Jersey Shore” Cancelled by MTV

G. T. Canned!

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PIC: Matthew McConaughey As The New Skeletor

Alright, alright, alright… AHHHH.

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Ryan Lochte Cuddles with a sweet rescue puppy

Olympic gold medalist, Ryan Lochte, got to cuddle up with a sweet, lap size rescue dog named Woody on Access Hollywood Live This morning. Here’s the story and Photo: Ladies, do you honestly like a sensitive guy who will openly “cuddle up close” with his small poochie and pose for the camera??? AWHH OR NAHHH

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Nicki Minaj goes Ballistic on Her Fans!

Nicki doesn’t think much of your mother.

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PHOTOS: Nicole Kidman’s Provocative Shoot for V Magazine

I wonder how Keith feels about this…