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Rosie O’Donnell Wrote A Poem About Her Heart Attack

A poem about a heart.

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What company is Google terrified of??

It’s very easy to get caught up in the Android versus iPhone duel and Google’s recruiting battles with its newly-public Silicon Valley neighbor, Facebook. But neither one of those companies worry Google executives as much as another that is actively taking money out of their pockets. Google’s real rival, and real competition to watch over […]

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What not to bring to a dorm room

You’re going to be living in the dorms this year at A&M and you’re questioning, What should I bring?” You would be better off asking “What don’t I really need?” Here’s the deal, you want to feel at home BUT not cramped. Check out this list of What NOT to bring to a dorm room from There are […]

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VIDEO: Lady Gaga’s black tar-like “Fame” Perfume Trailer

“expensive hooker”

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10 Great Back to School Apps

Amazon Student: Instead of scouring the bookstore shelves for your child’s textbooks, let Amazon Student do all the work. Grab your list of must-have books and use this app to scan barcodes and buy your semester’s textbooks with just a few taps. iHomework: This app allows you or your high schooler to manage assignments, due dates, […]