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Did Selena Gomez Diss Justin Bieber In A New Dance Video?

Justin Bieber is a DB? You don’t say,,,

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TMZ: 8:30 PM — Sources at the hospital tell us Wayne is still in critical condition in the ICU … but stabilizing. We’re told the prognosis is uncertain. Wayne is sleeping right now … which is odd, because he just tweeted saying he’s OK and thanking people for the prayers and love. Strange… __________________________________________________ Mack Maine, […]

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St. Candy’s Day – 10 Years of Radio Gold!

Where Da Gold At? It’s out 10th birthday! Come help us celebrate turning 10-years-old AND celebrate St. Patricks Day.

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Email Help: I Can’t Get Him Out of His Shell

You can always email me,, with anything going on in your life. Maybe see if the B/CS can help out. I received this from Patty. Her brother needs to get a social life! Hi Jeremy! My brother is about 28 years old and he still lives at home with our parents.  He never leaves the house and […]

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Those chocolate marshmallow eggs you buy for Easter have been recalled due to salmonella

eggs come from chickens… salmonella… ironic much??