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Titanic replica sets sail in late 2016!

An Australian billionaire is spilling his plans of building a Titanic II. The replica of the famous ship that sank back in 1912 is setting sail in 2016. From The Hufffington Post: Passengers on board the replica will dress in the fashion of that period and eat dishes from the original menu, in dining rooms copied from […]

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Teen walks 10 miles in the snow for job interview and finds something better!

[via Daily Mail] Teenager spotted walking 10 MILES in the snow to interview for $7-an-hour job is given work  on the spot by restaurant owner – who doubled his pay A teen’s luck appears to have changed after a chance encounter with an Indiana restaurant owner during a 10-mile trek through ice and snow for […]

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70% of women and a THIRD of men have faked the Big O to avoid hurting their partner’s feelings

[Via DailyMail] The study, carried out by the University of Kansas, found that 68 per cent of women and even 28 per cent of men have pretended to climax with a partner. Both sexes gave the same reasons for faking it – a partner’s orgasm was imminent so they felt under pressure to climax. Other […]

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WATCH Harlem Residents Respond To The Harlem Shake

“Oh, No Goood!”

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World’s Oldest Pornography Discovered – It Sucks

“Prudes shouldn’t go into archeology.”