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Do You Care About the Royal Family?

Because, seriously. Driving around last night, I thought to myself.. I don’t care about the Royal Family. Is that weird? I mean they are in essence just huge celebs that never go away.. but what have they done? Cured cancer? Ended world hunger? FIGURED OUT A WAY TO MAKE MY ANDROID BATTERY LIFE LAST LONGER?! […]

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Mario in Real Life

Evidently, people don’t know much about this guy. Here’s the NSFW fake movie trailer for Mario in real life. If you’re stuck at the office, watch it when you get home. It’s pretty epic. Why is this not real? Shut up and take my money. -Katy


Texting and Dating

Don’t text.. and date. That’s a thing right? Because it should be. Technology just makes dating SO MUCH HARDER these days. I mean sure I wasn’t alive when girls would wait up by their telephones all hours of the night hoping that *because they didn’t have caller ID* every time the phone rang it would […]


Worst Questions to be Asked on a Date

You hear about them all the time – The dates nightmares are made of. If you can get dropped off by a respectable man after a marginally good time virtually unscathed – I call that a win. But sometimes, you aren’t so lucky. My friend recently went out with a guy and the first thing […]

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Break Up Scavenger Hunt

I think 2ge+her said it best- “the hardest thing about breaking up.. is getting back your stuff.” Meet this creative woman who decided to kick her boyfriend to the curb in style. Everyone loves a scavenger hunt, amiright?! From Imgur What do you do with an ex’s things?