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Katy’s Mailbox.

Tons of holiday problems, STILL POURING IN. This week, I’m lightening it up with Sofia’s email. Katy, I met a guy a few weeks back. He’s adorable and super sweet, AND you can imagine my excitement when he invited me to his new year’s party. We’d been talking back and forth, but he never texted […]


All Made Up?

Katy, Like the rest of the population, my new year’s resolution is to work out more. So far so good. I like to look good whatever I do, so I wear makeup to the gym. I’ve been wearing it every day I go… and my best friend gives me a really tough time about it. […]

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Don’t Want to @%#$ Up Your Resolution? There’s An APP For That.

7 Apps That Will Keep Your New Years Resolutions ALIVE. Making resolutions is easy, but keeping them, that’s a different story. Thankfully, technology has come to our rescue.. try out these handy little apps to help ya until 2014. 1. LOSE WEIGHT AND GET FIT: Fitocracy 2. EAT HEALTHEIR AND DIET: Lose it! 3. LEARN […]

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it’s good to back! help me ring in the new year today by texting your requests to 23504.

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it’s the end of the world as we know it, and I feel fine.