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have you ever gone from friends to more than friends? if so, HOW? text me 23504

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So today’s SIDTA email, is actually geared more towards DATING, but I’m so stumped by this, I figured it was worth sharing. Here is a dating conundrum that I can not figure out. I need to hear from the people of the world at large who have been through this and have practical pearls of […]


Which of the Seven Drinking Dwarfs Are You?

Thanks to my friends at The Frisky for this one. HILARIOUS. Sneezy’s addicted to coke, Dopey’s going home with strangers, and yeah.. sounds about right. You’ll never watch Snow White the same again. If you’ve ever been out with a group of girls, you know that we tend to have distinct drinking personalities. If you […]

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AUDIO: Blue Bear – POP

Ch-Ch-Check out tonight’s AWESOME live band, Blue Bear. 3/5 of them stopped by my show today to play a few songs and answer some questions. Apparently I’m going to have to get creative with this podcast, the original file was too big. For now, enjoy the two songs, and prepare yourself for MORE. Don’t forget […]

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Would You Rather Wednesday

I haven’t posted a poll in a while, so what the heck! Today’s would you rather is something EVERYONE can identify with.. err I guess I should say, everyone with friends can identify with.. which I hope is everyone. Anyway, imagine you are dinner. The restaurant is nearly empty, save a few other diners, would […]