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AUDIO: David Casper – POP

Here’s tonight’s featured Candy artist, David Casper! He is an amazing local Christian artist, so don’t miss out. David takes the stage at Ozona Grill & Bar at 8 pm. He stopped on by my show today to talk about what he’s been up to since he last played POP for us and then played […]

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after Tuesday even the week says WTF.


Should I Dump This A$$hole?

We took a break from this last week, and I toyed with the idea of not bringing it back since I sometimes seem to forget to save my uploaded user comments to my blog.. but there was this email sitting in my gmail this morning that was just so ridiculous, I had to post it. […]

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AUDIO: Chris Fernandez – POP

Check out tonight’s Party on the Patio artist and great local talent, Chris Fernandez. He stopped by the show today to do a little interview and play a few songs, including an awesome cover of Kt Tunstall’s “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree.” Hear him LIVE tonight at Ozona Grill & Bar starting at 7 […]

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VIDEO: Madison Rising – Star Spangled Banner

Happy 4th of July.. a day early. Every now and then, I come across something so cool, that I can’t help but share. Here’s a group called Madison Rising. They are a little rock n roll/heavy metal type group with a rendition of the “Star Spangled Banner” infused with patriotic montages that will give you chills. Help me […]