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So this morning when I was leaving for work, I notice my poor puppy is covered in fleas. Thinking about it even now makes me cringe.. I feel like they are crawling all over my body! For reference, here’s Rocky, the coolest dog in the world. Now, I’ve never had this problem before and didn’t […]

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#1 Dating Frustration for Men?

If you’ve been out of the dating world for a while, you really only need to know one thing- NO ONE TALKS ON THE PHONE ANYMORE. Entire relationships are formed, developed, nurtured, and sometimes ended, through texting. And crafting genius texts can be tough, especially in the early part of the relationship, where one wrong […]

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Awesome LMFAO Cover

Happy Friday! Here’s an awesome cover to LMFAO’s “Sexy and I Know It.” Now, you’re probably skeptical since there are 13249078230948 covers of songs we play on youtube, but this guy is seriously talented. Noah takes this fun dancy song and makes it serious. I want to say LMFAO just got owned. What do you […]

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AUDIO: Jacob Asbill – POP

Jacob stops by the show today to chat with me and play a few songs, including a cover of Band’s “The Weight” Listen here and then come out and hear him live tonight at 8 for Party on the Patio at Ozona! Rain or shine, the drinks are cheap!

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Would You Rather Wednesday

Does Mama really know best?! I say, YES! [polldaddy poll=6212348] I feel like with the invention of social media, I now know how crazy my first boyfriend really was. Would I ever consider marrying him? Absolutely not. True, I was smitten with him in high school, but thankfully I’ve gotten wiser since then. While they […]