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Do You SPY on Your Significant Other?

I know one too many people in my life that refer to “facebook stalking” exes, new prospects, old classmates, merely as “research.” Oh, who am I kidding. I will be the first to admit, that even I love sometimes keeping tabs with people via social networking sites. I enjoy the occasional dip behind enemy lines, […]

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AUDIO: The Grind – POP

The Grind stopped by the show today to play a few songs for me. I swear I can not believe they’ve only been together for 3 months! Make sure you stop by Ozona Grill & Bar tonight to hear them LIVE at Party on the Patio. Enjoy.

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POLL: Would You Rather Wednesday

I’m sorry to engage your gag reflexes so early in the morning, but having worked in a restaurant, this question fills me with morbid curiosity. [polldaddy poll=6128094] As gross as finding a live bug of any kind ANYWHERE, I’d pick band-aid and here’s why. Forget rationalization, go for opportunity. Do a thorough vomit, cross your […]

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Have You Ever Dated Someone TOO Attractive?

PROBLEM? Have you ever dated someone too attractive? I love how this ended up tying to morning candy, and I didn’t even mean for it too. But, this morning when I logged onto my computer, I found this little email waiting for me:     Katy, I know this is so stupid, and not something […]

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Happy Easter from the D-O- Double- G

I can not tell you how much I love this man. He cracks me up. Check out this latest discovery: For the release of “Rolling Words”, the new Snoop Dogg song book, San Francisco agency Pereira & O’Dell created this smokable version where each perforated page can be used as rolling paper (get it? rolling […]