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This is the best GoPro video we’ve ever seen. Amazing and horrifying all at once!

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Jolene Slowed Down

We played this and Frito is just in love with it. It’s Dolly Parton slowed down to 33 RPM.

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VIDEO: Jamaican Wrestle Dancing gets the WWE Makeover

This is a new craze in Jamaica. It’s basically pulling wrestling moves on the dance floor. Looks painful. It didn’t take too long though before someone decided to take the obvious step and add commentary from the WWE to the video and just like any Jim Ross voiceover…it makes everything better!!!

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Offensive Commercial of the Week

This week’s offensive commercial comes from Cadillac. We will admit that perhaps it plays better with the people that would probably buy one, but to Frito it comes of as just HORRIBLE. Really??? That’s why you work constantly?? To buy more crap?? And you feel good about it?? Also we weren’t the only people trying […]

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The combination of the common house cat and one of the greatest super villains in cinema is the best thing you’ll see online today!!