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Video: Jason Segel asked out via YouTube

What was his response???


Listen: Paul McDonald & Nikki Reed Duet!

Nikki Reed (Rosalie from “Twilight” and her new hubby Paul McDonald wrote and recorded a song together.  It’s called “Now that I’ve found you” and it’s really pretty good.  Listen to the whole song here!   How adorable are they?!

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Video: Joseph Gordon Levitt “Ignition”

JUST AWESOME!  Super-cool actor/hipster Joseph Gordon-Levitt is also a musician for fun.  He was performing at Ohio State University over the weekend and brought back this lovely little gem — R. Kelly’s “Ignition – REMIX”.  Also…this one is from about a year ago, but it’s one of my favorite songs, so I’m adding it to […]

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Video: Awesome Father-Daughter Wedding Dance!

The father-daughter dance is always one of my FAVORITE parts of any wedding reception.  It’s just such a sweet moment.  My dad and I danced to “In My Life” by The Beatles, his favorite band, of course.  Whenever I’m at a wedding, I always watch this dance the closest of all because it’s one of […]

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Video: Ohio University Band — Party Rock Anthem

I know…I know.  If the Aggie Band did this, we’d never hear the end of “Old Army’s gone to Hell…”  But, SERIOUSLY!!!  C’mon Aggie Band…just THINK about it!  This is awesome!!! Also…Who knew you could Shuffle with a Tuba?!?!  -Alli