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Watch: What a Hula-Hoop Sees

This video will make you very dizzy, but I applaud the creative concept! [youtube]3GVrO1VYAOI&feature[/youtube]

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Celebs with OCD

Lots of people have little quirks — things that bother them or tasks they need to complete.  Some of those quirks are so serious that they can be considered a sign of OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.)  In Nancy Sinatra’s recent memoir, she talks about how Frank Sinatra took up to 12 showers a day.  Sounds […]

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Watch: “Breaking Dawn” Trailer

Here it is…The full length trailer for the upcoming Twilight movie, “Breaking Dawn: Part 1.”  Swoon! [youtube]sIpeBi6SG4A[/youtube]

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Watch: Accapella Will Smith Medley

Matt Mullholand is my (Alli)  new Hero of the Day!  He has put together this amazing medley of Will Smith songs!  All a capella and Matt sings all the parts!  Take a few moments out of your day to get jiggy wit’ Matt! [youtube]18o09yL2Sq8[/youtube]

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VIDEO: A child’s motivational speech

Well…this is the CUTEST and most uplifting video I have seen in a while.  I think I’m going to go re-learn how to ride my bike.  Thanks, kid!  -Alli [youtube]eaIvk1cSyG8[/youtube]