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Watch: An Epic Marriage Proposal!!!

This has to go down as one of the best…or at least most creative…marriage proposals I have eer seen!  I’m not sure if it tops the Disneyland surprise musical proposal, but it’s pretty darn close!!!  This guy has taken the time to surprise his fiance-to-be with a fake movie trailer to set up the proposal.  And somehow […]


Watch: Scotty McCreery w/Josh Turner

This is just awesome!  If you’ve watched at least 5 seconds of Idol this season, you know that Scotty McCreery’s favorite song to sing is “Your Man” by Josh Turner.  It’s the song that got him through the audition phase a couple times.  Well, during his home visit over the weekend, Josh surpised Scotty by […]

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“Why Party Today” starring…me!

Today’s “Why Party Today” video is all about Limerick Day.  Since I have been inspired by Iris and Rose at RenFest, Limericks are my new favorite thing….though they are so much more funny when they’re a little raunchy… Thanks to Elizabethany for putting this video and thanks to the random authors of the limericks that […]


Idol: Final 4

The Idol hopefuls sang two songs (one that inspires them and one by Lieber and Stoller).   It was an important night, not only because it’s  the Final Four, but also because they are all competing for the Hometown Visit next week.  Check out the performances below:  [morfeo_video 19 /] Alli’s Idol Recap & Prediction: James […]

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Watch: The Mountain

Need a good way to chill out after a stressful Monday?  This amazing video of time-lapse photography is just the thing you need.  I definitely suggest watching this in full-screen mode with no distractions.  This is just the perfect way to remember how beautiful the world can truly be.  Here’s the description from the photographer: […]