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Video: 16 & Well Adjusted

Since pregnant teens have taken over the big screen, small screen, and everything in between, it’s great we have this totally novel concept of being 16 & Well Adjusted.  Thanks to the comedy troupe Landline for this hilarious take on the plight of a teen sadly not interesting enough for a reality show in the […]

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Watch: “The Man Without a Facebook” Trailer

This has made my day!  And…I’m not sure this movie is too far-off from reality… [youtube]a69RpEBJFAY[/youtube] Oh, by the way….Will you be our friend on Facebook???

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Video: A-Skars “It Gets Better”

Time for your Alexander Skargard news of the day.  Two very important things: 1) A-Skars is now single.  Apparently he and Kate Bosworth have called it quits.  I’m ok with that.  How about you?? 2) Several members of the True Blood cast are featured in a new series of “It Gets Better” PSAs.  This just […]

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Video: Real Housewives of BH adds new cast members

The TV network Bravo has announced that when The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills returns for Season 2 this SEptember, they are adding two new women to the mix.  I’m guessing it will be all drama, as usual.  The first newbie is Dana Wilkey, a businesswoman.  The second addition to the cast of drama queens is Brandi Glanville.  If you recognize […]

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Alli Gets Bobble-matized: Part One

So…I’m hoping you have your calendars marked for August 11th.  That’s when you can get your hands on your very own Alli Bobble Head.  Remember waaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy back in April when we aske dyou to vote on which DJ should get Bobble-matized during Bobblemania?  Well, thanks to all of your awesome support (and Frito’s help) I […]