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Watch: Harry Potter in 99 seconds!

This video combines two of my favorite things in life…a capella and Harry Potter.  Enjoy!

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What your finger nails say about your health

I found this article today and it was pretty inciteful…and for Frito, a little scary (but he’s a hypochondriac.)  Eitherway, your finger nails can give you some clues about your overall health.  Here’s 5 ways to let your fingers to the talking: #1.)  The White Part Under Each Nail.  At the base of your nails, […]

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Watch: 365 Days of Make-Up

Is this supposed to make me not wear make-up anymore?  It’s not going to work, because I love playing in make-up.  However, it IS definitely goint to make me rethink my current skincare regimin. put together a video of what it would look like to wear a whole year’s worth of make-up all at […]

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Johnny Depp Jams with Alice Cooper

Johnny Depp helped Alice Cooper bring his UK tour to a close in London on Sunday night at a place called 100 Club.  Alice introduced Johnny saying, “I think we could use another guitar player, right? Johnny, this whole movie thing … If it doesn’t pan out, join us, okay?”  Johhny showed off his guitar […]

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Does Fat add Funny?

Rob McElhenney (Mac from “It’s Alway Sunny in Philidelphia”) put on 50 pounds because he thought it would be funny to play his ususally fit character as a fat guy.  That takes some real dedication to you craft!  Haven’t seen any Mac “fat” pics, yet.  But, I’ll be on the lookout.  According to, “Why? […]