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Watch: The “Mini Warbler” is Back!!

As if this little “Gleek” has not brought us enough joy already…The Mini Warbler has a NEW video.  This time Kellen Mirador Sarmiento belts out Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” complete with all the Warbler choreography.  Enjoy! [youtube]v8FCP0ZoZiA[/youtube] (click here to watch Kellen’s first video, “Teenage Dream”) Want to know more about this Gleek in Training?  […]

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Watch: John Krasinski & Jason Segel Karaoke

Why am I NEVER around when something this epically cool happens.  The universe has aligned and three of my favorite things on the planet were all in one place. 1) Jason Segel 2) John Krasinski 3) Karaoke The only thing missing was ME.  Sad face. [youtube]qxMios7YTr4[/youtube]

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All-Natural Chill Pills

Between everything we do in our busy lives today, it’s so easy to get SUPER stressed.  But, I found a list from Woman’s Day of all-natural items that can chill you out if you’re having a bad day. 1) Lavender – If you’re having trouble sleeping, lavender can relax the mind.  It’s recognized for aiding stress-related […]


Watch: Nicole Richie B-Spears Dance Off!

I had no idea just how big of a Britney fan Nicole Richie was!  In anticipation of Britney’s tour, Nicole posted a video of herself and a friend having an impromtu Britney Dance-Off!  Along with the clip, she Tweeted, ““In honor of my queen, @BritneySpears – Can’t wait to dance tonight!”    I must say…I […]

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Play a Video Game WHILE you Pee!

I can’t decide if this annoys me because we are so ADD that we must be entertained just to get through a simple tinkle break….or if this is the coolest thing ever and I’m just jealous because i can’t pee standing up.  Either way, please enjoy this strange new concept that is sure to take […]