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Watch: Orangutan Rescues Duckling

This footage is amazing!  An orangutan at the Dublin Zoo rescues a baby duck from the water in his enclosure.  Apparently, this random act of primate kindness happened back in 2008, but it just got posted to YouTube last week!  Why would you EVER keep such a thing a secret.  The whole thing is pretty […]

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No Sex Appeal? No problem!

Thanks to Buzzfeed for posting this amazing vintage ad from a 1937 newspaper.  Haha! Maybe I need this…  Even back in the 30’s guss were thinking… “To the Beanpole thing in the magazine…you ain’t it Miss Thang. I want a sistah, can’t resist her. Red beans and rice didn’t miss her.”

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Watch: Sesame Street spoofs “Spiderman”

I had no idea that new seasons of Sesame Street had teasers, but in the age of YouTube, I guess they must.  I love their spoof on the disaster that is the Spiderman Braodway musical. [youtube]aR1DdMeVqTw&feature[/youtube]

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Look: Final Harry Potter Poster Revealed!

Oh no….this means it really is all going to be over soon.  Sad day…  Just over a month away from the final Harry Potter movie and has revealed the poster for “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.”  Looks a little bleak, no?  This is going to be one intense finale. 

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Watch: Bohemian Rhapsody like you’ve never heard it before

So apparently in Finland, there’s a band called the Porkka Playboys.  They have put out a Youtube video of their rendition of Queen’s “Bohemian Rhapsody” performed entirely inside of a Volkswagon Polo.  Because we all love a little unexpected “B-Rhap” to brighten our day, here’s the video.  Hope you love it as much as me!! […]