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Facebook Tattoo is a Hoax

I’m not sure if I’m annoyed or relived.  I’m sure by now you’ve seen the video of  a woman in The Netherlands getting a full sleeve tattoo of her Facebook  friends’ profile pics. The video has gotten close to a million views on YouTube and was covered by tons of news sources and blogs, but now […]

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Most-Pierced Woman Gets Married!

Oh, dear.  I’m sure this is not what she imagined herself looking like when we was dreaming of being a bride as a little girl.  Dream look or not, the world’s most pierced woman just said “I do” in Scotland.  Elaine Davidson has 6,925 piercings (1,500 internal piercings…whatever that means…)  In the photo you can […]

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Watch: Discover “Femme Fatale Tour” set with Britney!

Britney got a sneak peek of the set for her upcoming “Femme Fatle” summer tour.  She took us along for the tour of the set and it looks pretty amazing.  I think it’s safe to say this is going to be one heck of a production!  Let’s just hope Britney’s been practicing her dance moves… […]

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Watch: Flying Bounce Houses!

This is really awful.  13 children were injured over the weekend at a soccer tournament in New York when strong winds picked up three inflatable atractions and sent them flying through the air.  Here’s the video footage shot by one of the people attending the tournament: [youtube]7Bj_lXZQRQ4[/youtube] Get the full story at

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Things You Might Not Know About Weight Loss

Well…we are all trying to get back into bikinis around this time of year, which means we’re all thinking diets, exericse, and all that fun stuff.  Here’s  agreat article I found from Fox News that keys in on some interesting things you might not know about weight loss.  These tips all come from Tammy Beasely a registered […]