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REHAB ALERT: Grey’s Anatomy Edition

The patient: This dude The Substance: Pain Pills. They were prescribed for a nagging injury and he got hooked. Amount of Time Inside: 30 Days. He’s out sometime next week. Will it Affect The Show: No. Shooting resumes just in time for him to check out.

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MORNING CANDY AFTER SHOW: Elizabethany Gone Wild

Elizabethany and three friends hit up Britney Spears/Nicki Minaj last night armed with a handle of Burnett’s Vodka. The following mayhem ensued. IF YOU ARE EASILY OFFENDED DO NOT LISTEN. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED. Audio below: This brings up an interesting question. If you are a girl in a relationship: Is it considered cheating if […]

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VIDEO: Dave Grohl Takes Matters Into His Own Hands…Throws Guy Out of Concert

Just another reason to love Dave Grohl. He doesn’t wait for security to break up a fight at a Foo Fighters show. He handles it himself. Awesome video from overnight!

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COLDPLAY PERFORMANCE OF THE DAY: Why Does It Always Rain on Me / Fix You

From a music festival in Scotland. Watch Coldplay mash up the Travis cover into Fix You. Nice!!


VIDEO: 1,700 Person Flash Mob Takes Over Resort

Pretty cool. From Inside Out 2011 which is some kind of youth conference. This is what a 1,700 kid flash mob looks like. House of Pain part is by far the coolest. [youtube]o2olPVhOPxA[/youtube]