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VIDEO: Race Car Drives Off Mountain

This is why racing cars on Pike’s Peak is not for amatuers. [youtube]7rVdS8Qnvb8[/youtube]

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VIDEO: Canadian Hit in The Junk With EXPLODING GRENADE

This goes in the “Reasons NOT TO RIOT” catagory. Here’s a video taken from the Stanley Cup Riots. Some guy takes a flash bang grenade to the sensitives. I never want to know this kind of pain. [youtube]j1rQCF8vr4Q[/youtube]

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Anthony Weiner Resigns…Get’s Heckled By a Howard Stern Writer

Visit for breaking news, world news, and news about the economy Gross. To both of them actually. The writer (Howard has writers???) is named Benjy. He pulled the same stunt at the first press conference. No word on what moron let him in again…but who cares. Anyways, hopefully this is the LAST TIME we’ll […]

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Epic Meal Time Takes on Pasta


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John Edwards Mugshot

Hey, remember when he was ALMOST Vice President? Remember when he was ALMOST PRESIDENT? Now he’s charged with illegally using around $1 Million in MONEY PEOPLE GAVE HIM TO RUN FOR OFFICE to cover up his mistress and love child.