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VIDEO: Hipster Eats 16 Taco Bell Tacos in One Hour

The best I’ve done is twelve. The reason it’s twelve was that’s how many come in a Taco Party pack. Could I push it to 16? Maybe. But after watching this…I don’t know if I want to. [youtube]1PHEm92qsPQ[/youtube]

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DJ Cat Doing WORK!!

The internet is for Cat Videos. Check out this cat learning how to make it as a DJ. [youtube]5HA5WVjMBX8[/youtube]

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CUTE VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Cat Hugging Kitten

Sorry if I’m late on this, I know it already has 25 Million Views but I saw it for the first time just now so if you HAVEN’T seen what’s being called the cutest cat video of 2011, here it is. A mother cat hugging a kitten’s nightmares away. [youtube]Vw4KVoEVcr0[/youtube]

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WATCH: Twihard FREAKING OUT Watching Breaking Dawn Trailer

I could post the trailer, but instead I’m posting this reaction video of a british Twilight fan losing all composure while watching last night’s Breaking Dawn preview. BEWARE: She curses in this video. A LOT. [youtube]1vqmILSKfew[/youtube]

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Frito’s New Tattoos

Props to Cliff Colllard at Arsenal Tattoo for the amazing work. And the amazing patience needed to deal with a crybaby like me. Dude is legit. Here’s some pics of the new sleeve: