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Line of Respect for Sgt. Scott Burgess

Thanks to Westboro Baptist, there will actually be people PROTESTING this hero’s funeral in Franklin. In order to block these radicals message of hate from the mourners, a “Line of Respect” will be formed by whoever can show up today. That line of respect will continue between the protesters and the family/friends of Sgt. Burgess […]

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Taylor Swift Covers MUMFORD AND SONS?????

[youtube]siFOsGJhNFQ[/youtube] What do you think? I was TERRIFIED to listen to this because White Blank Page is one of my favorite songs on that album which is saying something because in my opinion it was the best album of last year. I think she killed it. I don’t know if it’s her weird sing-speak thing […]

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Wendy Williams Feet

Presented as an example of how competing on Dancing with The Stars really is serious business (hence the few years where the celebs were dropping like flies with broken bones, sprains, etc.). Check out the damage done by JUST A FEW EPISODES to Wendy Williams Feet.

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Meatloaf Freaking Out on Celebrity Apprentice

[youtube]ItYAZLHrN9M[/youtube] Presented without comment.

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FULL Trailer for The Hangover: Part 2

[youtube]ohF5ZO_zOYU[/youtube] Ladies and Gentlemen; I present to you the movie of the summer!