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AUDIO: Shain Gandee 911 Call

Here is the full version of the 911 call I played near the end of the show. I played a shorter edited version, but it was still VERY hard to listen too. It’s horrible in every way. I’m posting this to bring awareness to TWO tragedies that we should all think about. 1) A life […]

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Ellie Goulding Does a GREAT Cover of Fun.

From BBC1 here’s an amazing version of Some Nights!

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Packers Lineman Realizes That I’m Aaron Rodgers Twin

Tweet from Guard TJ Lang to his QB Aaron Rodgers. Does this mean I’m qualified to start using the “Discount Double Take”? Hey @aaronrodgers12 I’m digging the new bald look.… — TJ Lang (@TJLang70) February 1, 2013

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Video that nearly ended Leni this AM.

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Dude Perfect VS Johnny Manziel

I can’t understate how amazing this video is. Dude Perfect team up with Johnny Football/Heisman/Football Jesus to create maybe the most amazing thing the internet has EVER YIELDED. Just so it’s said, this might prove that Johnny isn’t actually human.