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Look: Jennifer Aniston’s New Tattoo

Jennifer Aniston got her very first tattoo in honor of her 15-year-old dog Norman that died last month.   The new ink on the inside of her right foot reads, “Norman.”   Thursday night during a taping of “Inside the Actors Studio”, James Lipton asked Jennifer what her favorite word is . . . and she tearfully […]

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Podcasts (June 24)

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Does Fat add Funny?

Rob McElhenney (Mac from “It’s Alway Sunny in Philidelphia”) put on 50 pounds because he thought it would be funny to play his ususally fit character as a fat guy.  That takes some real dedication to you craft!  Haven’t seen any Mac “fat” pics, yet.  But, I’ll be on the lookout.  According to, “Why? […]

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Watch: The “Mini Warbler” is Back!!

As if this little “Gleek” has not brought us enough joy already…The Mini Warbler has a NEW video.  This time Kellen Mirador Sarmiento belts out Pink’s “Raise Your Glass,” complete with all the Warbler choreography.  Enjoy! [youtube]v8FCP0ZoZiA[/youtube] (click here to watch Kellen’s first video, “Teenage Dream”) Want to know more about this Gleek in Training?  […]


Kim Kardashian X-Rays her Booty!

Rumors were running rampant on the internet last week that Kim Kardashian had butt implants to enhance her backside. Well, Kim’s sister Khloe did her sisterly duty to dispel those rumors tried once and for all.  But how do you prove it?  By X-ray, of course!  Khloe posted a photo of Kim, in her doctor’s office, standing next […]