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VIDEO OF THE WEEK: First World Problems: The Rap

This trend has been going around online for about a month. On Twitter the hash tag terms are either: #whitegirlproblems #firstworldproblems #humblebrag #middleclassproblems Basically it’s making fun of all the complaining we do about stuff that’s not actually a problem. Examples: I can’t BELIEVE they haven’t built a starbucks in South College Station yet…driving to […]

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VIDEO: Frito’s FML Moment from This Morning

The video says it all guys, it says it all. I’ve never been this embarassed.

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Podcasts (June 23)

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VIDEO: Bam Margera and Cast Predicted Ryan Dunn’s Death 5 YEARS AGO

This is so creepy, but also very insightful. It’s from DVD commentarty from “Viva La Bam” in which Bam Margera starred with Dunn, Bam’s Family and assorted other Jackass cast members. They basically called Dunn’s death a full 5 YEARS AGO. See for yourself: [youtube]nNle4SFyYYU[/youtube]

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Watch: John Krasinski & Jason Segel Karaoke

Why am I NEVER around when something this epically cool happens.  The universe has aligned and three of my favorite things on the planet were all in one place. 1) Jason Segel 2) John Krasinski 3) Karaoke The only thing missing was ME.  Sad face. [youtube]qxMios7YTr4[/youtube]